With a more then 20+ year successful career as an Entrepreneur with Venture Capital investments in startups from early stage / pre-venue companies to participated in early rounds in Uber, AirbBNB and 23andMe, if I haven’t been through it personally the very good and BAD, I have seen it.

Today after several recent successful exits I find myself looking for the next great founder with passion and drive to make the world a better place by maximizing impact.

While the last 10 + years have been predominantly in healthcare, I have made several tech, DTC and even real estate investments. My approach now is very much industry agnostic as I have found mostly businesses is business is business. Now with my book coming out and doing more and more podcasts I have been approached by a TON of entrepreneurs that are having different challenges at the current point in their journey. Below are 3 simple ways we have established to be the most efficient way for us to begin to work together, and often times could lead to investment, acquisition or JV opportunities. Look forward to working together and helping you get to the next level!

Jeremy Delk

30 Minutes Triage

Is your business growing, scaling seamlessly? If so DON’T call me. Throughout my career that is filled with accomplishments and accolades, the only thing that really got me to where I am today is facing the HARD, sometimes impossible situations.. be it competition, government regulation, change in market conditions, cash flow gaps, etc. the HARD lessons is what allowed me to take every situation head on and come out the other side. Call me when your business is on fire, you are faced with the “impossible” or maybe you need to overcome the “impossible” thing in front of you before you make the next move, start or expand your next business. Book a call with me, come ready to state the 1 or 2 items in your way and be ready to take notes and leave with a direction and action plan on what you need to do. This is your FIRST step to getting out of your own way, it’s up to you if you are ready to solve it together or not.

Your Investment: $1,000

Want to Partner? 

“Business Coach” “Consultant” “Fractional C-Level insert expertise) “Mentor”… cool now that all of the buzz words are out there let me be hyper clear I am NONE of these.. most of the time after a triage call or sometimes even bypassing that entrepreneurs and business owners hire me to be completely aligned and have effectively unlimited access to me*. We have either a standing 1 hour zoom session scheduled or 2 30 minute zooms EVERY month. These are recorded and provided to you for notes for you to look back on for that months action plan. I go through a proven intensive framework to break your business down to what it is exactly you want to accomplish and then most importantly give you the tools to measure these, and get your team on the same page so everyone is working towards the same goal. More importantly is the access.. business and more importantly PROBLEMS and FIRES NEVER show up just before our call.. you know this so do I and what I also know is action and decisiveness is paramount in determining what the outcome will be for your business. You will have 24/7 Voxer access so you have a direct line to ME, not my assistants to capture the emotion, the details of situation and what you need help making a decision on in real time. While I travel a lot both domestically and internationally for business I typically answer these in less than 1 hour but never more than 24 hours before you get a response from me, in my voice with direction and next steps.

Your investment in this is $7,500 a month, billed month by month, if you don’t like me or I don’t add at least 3X that in value.. FIRE ME.. this should be a WIN WIN for YOU.

Please note while helping entrepreneurs is fun for me and helps me feel like I am paying it forward I am still a bit of a capitalist at heart. Selfishly this is a great way for me to learn more about the businesses I help, the individuals running them and discover if I can add further value.. capital or in kind services.. a bit of working DD if you will. If I end up taking an equity position in your business this access remains gratis as part of any deal I do.

Jeremy Delk

Your Investment: $7,500 / Month

All Hands

One Day with ME at your office with your team ready to conquer your 3 biggest challenges based on our pre discovery call. My full playbook for you the owner, managers, team leads and every other stakeholder to ensure your “no fail” mission in business is achieved..

You will leave with a 12 month plan and a framework to implement the same with your team. To ensure adoption I include 3 MONTHS OF PARTNER NOW ACCESS which effectively makes this entire program FREE if you are serious about taking your business to the next level.

Your Investment: $25,000

plus expenses