Entrepreneurship and business ownership is about freedom and passion and making impact.

If you do those, and that’s like your core directive, like the money will follow. I promise you may take longer than you think, but it will follow. But just be doing it for the right reasons. Do it becuase you love it. You’re having fun. Like I’m doing this coaching now. Like do I need to do this? No but I feel like I have a responsibility, right? Like while I wasn’t one to seek out mentors, there’s people that learn different ways. Like, I don’t think I’m getting a check from you for being on this podcast, right?

But hopefully someone in Omaha listens to it and maybe something I say reaches them. I think that’s a responsibility. If you went through some of these tribulations that you have to kind of give back and pay back is you never know who it’s going to help. And, you know, it means business and personal life as well. Like, hey, you’ve got to just ask why you’re doing something and if you’re not happy with it I can change it. Not happy with your job. leave, right?

I mean just make it change. Just do something right. Just get going.