Success Through Failure.

Trevor Houston interviews Jeremy Delk

About The Guest(s):
Jeremy Delk is an entrepreneur and the founder of Delk Enterprises, a venture capital fund. He started his entrepreneurial journey at a young age, trading stocks and making millions by the time he was 19. After working at Fidelity Investments as the youngest institutional equity trader, he decided to start his own business and has since built a successful career in real estate development and building materials. ​

Jeremy Delk shares his entrepreneurial journey, starting from his small-town upbringing in Bardstown, Kentucky, to his early success in trading stocks. He discusses the impact of losing his father at a young age and the drive it instilled in him to create stability and success for himself and his family. Jeremy emphasizes the importance of learning from failures and not being afraid to take risks. He talks about his transition from working at Fidelity Investments to starting his own venture capital fund, Delk Enterprises, and the challenges he faced along the way. ​

Key Takeaways:
– Learn from your failures and don’t be afraid to analyze and understand what went wrong.
– Instability can be a powerful motivator to create stability and success in your life.
– Take action and don’t wait for the perfect plan or circumstances.
– The fear of failure and what others might think can hold you back from pursuing your dreams.
– The regret of not taking a chance and wondering “what if” can be more painful than failure itself. ​

(0:00:00) Jeremy reflects on the need to learn from mistakes
(0:00:35) Trevor introduces Jeremy Delk and the entrepreneurial journey
(0:01:19) Jeremy shares his motivation and desire for more
(0:03:16) Jeremy discusses his small-town upbringing and desire for a bigger life </span
(0:08:13) Jeremy explains how he learned to sell based on emotional connection
(0:09:11) Jeremy talks about his early trading success and subsequent loss
(0:10:20) Jeremy reveals how he turned $30,000 into $2 million and then lost it all
(0:10:34) Trevor reacts to Jeremy’s story of losing his trading profits
(0:11:49) Discussion about trading and blowing up money
(0:12:20) Navigating setbacks and failures
(0:16:01) Lessons learned from highs and lows
(0:17:17) Importance of taking action and being prepared
(0:18:20) Transition from corporate America to starting own fund
(0:19:48) Going out on own after losing $2 million
(0:20:17) You are not alone in setbacks, lean on other
(0:21:18) Importance of documenting the process and learning from failures
(0:22:28) Overcoming the fear of failure and caring about others’ opinions
(0:24:30) Challenges of being the youngest employee at Fidelity
(0:26:21) Starting Delk Enterprises and finding happiness in entrepreneurship
(0:28:08) Emotions and challenges faced when starting a business
(0:30:15) The regret of not taking the risk and pursuing dreams