Let’s say it’s healthcare. I didn’t get into finding all these healthcare companies and telemedicine diagnostics as a vision board.

I did it by a small step, made an investment in a pharmacy business, and then that opened me up to a world that I wasn’t familiar with. And then it got me really excited and then really frustrated, Well, why this is so great. Like, I had my own healthcare journey personally, and I was like, Wow, this is great. And then that shifted to why doesn’t everyone know about this, right? So now it became more of a passion or a mission of like, “Hey, what’s wrong? Where is the disconnect?”

From there, that’s the obsession. It’s the customer obsession of like, Hey, what I have everyone actually needs, I’m not, there’s not a trick or a stick to it. They actually need this, and if they don’t get my good service or a product, I’m doing them a disservice.

So if you have that passion or obsession, then what you do is really drive into the customer or the, you know, the end customer coming like, Well, what is it? What are the barriers or the components that are keeping them from experiencing or taking that product on. So it’s really just putting yourself in the customer’s piece.