Within Tailor Made Compounding (TMC), there exists a 10 x 8-foot wall adorned with notecards, pictures, email print-outs, and letters. These heartfelt expressions come from doctors and patients who have experienced remarkable benefits from TMC’s custom medications. These testimonials highlight reduced pain, significant weight loss, improved focus, heightened energy, and even gratitude for saving lives. The purpose of displaying these messages is not for sales promotion but to inspire any employee who may question the significance of their work.

Jeremy Delk, TMC’s CEO, established the company in 2015, recognizing the evident brokenness of the current healthcare system. TMC serves doctors and patients who prioritize a proactive “well care” approach over reactive “sick care.” In its first year, TMC generated $120,000 in revenue, a figure that has since grown exponentially, with projected earnings surpassing $25 million in 2019.

The driving force behind TMC’s remarkable growth lies in its response to the increasing demand for integrative health, a personalized approach to patient care. Integrative health encompasses various health indicators, such as lab results, weight, BMI, skeletal muscle, as well as subjective measures like sleep quality, energy levels, and overall well-being. TMC then tailors treatments to prevent decline and optimize patient health.

While chain pharmacies offer mass-produced prescription pills and liquids, compounding pharmacies like TMC have the ability to create customized medications with specific potency levels, excluding allergens, or incorporating additives to mitigate common side effects. This includes formulating custom dosages and preparing pills with precise potency levels tailored to each patient’s needs. In many instances, TMC’s bespoke formulations are not only more suitable but also more cost-effective than commercially available alternatives.

Physicians increasingly rely on TMC to support their integrative medicine efforts. TMC has become a vital tool in their arsenal, allowing them to address the root causes of health issues rather than merely treating symptoms, as Jeremy Delk explains.

TMC’s success hinges on its willingness to take risks and challenge the status quo, setting it apart from traditional pharmacies. Delk attributes this to TMC being led by entrepreneurial minds rather than solely pharmacists. The company invests heavily in research and development (R&D) to tackle the challenges faced by their doctor-customers. Additionally, TMC places great importance on advocating for patients, actively listening to doctors’ needs, and investing in R&D to find solutions. They allocate substantial resources, with a single formulation often costing over $40,000 solely for stability testing. Delk acknowledges that not every investment pays off, but TMC remains undeterred.

TMC surprises physicians by promptly addressing their concerns and developing innovative solutions. For example, upon learning that doctors struggled with ordering, TMC swiftly allocated resources to create a user-friendly mobile app. The doctors were astonished that a company would genuinely listen to their feedback and take immediate action. TMC’s agility and speed facilitated this positive response.

One of TMC’s core challenges lies in developing medications that offer the same benefits as more expensive treatments but at a fraction of the cost. Affordability remains a fundamental principle at TMC. In one instance, when an uninsured patient received a quote of $40,000 to $50,000 for life-saving medication, TMC collaborated with the doctor to find an equally effective alternative at a mere 10% of the cost.

Delk emphasizes that affordability and education have been pivotal to TMC’s growth. Leveraging their relationships with doctors and available resources, TMC strives to make quality healthcare accessible to all patients.