You will come through it.

And especially I see entrepreneurs and I don’t typically invest in someone unless they’ve been through a cycle of something, right? That a business fail or they, they’ve had that setback.

Because you need that, right? And you need to say, are you really meant for this, you know, business, for to be an entrepreneur? And if you’ve been through a cycle, even just one that helps. But sometimes it’s really hard to, you know, see the trees with the forest when it’s all coming through.

So a lot of times I’m not super smart, I’ve just, you know, seen enough. And if you can take that perspective of, hey, let’s take a step back, really see what the problem is and like, what is it? Becuase a lot of times they see, oh, this is a fire and it’s really not. It’s something that’s bigger or much smaller.