All right, guys. I am so excited. We are less than two weeks out, and this is hitting stands everywhere, Launching on Amazon, Barnes and Noble bookstores near you. This is my new book, “Without A Plan, a memoir of Unbound Action and Failing My Way to Success.” You know, it really started off as a business book, but I think quickly really turned into to very much more memoir. I do talk about some big successes and Inc. 500 companies and failures, of course. But I think for the few friends I’ve let read this I think it’s comes secondary. It’s really what captures I think is my story, which I think everyone can resonate with. You’re in business, an entrepreneur, a student who needs buy essay help, stay at home, mom, housewife whatever. There’s just something in here I think that’s going to touch.

I mean, I really kind of got very vulnerable. Is very hard for me to go through and really be this honest with myself. But it’s a bit of a transformation and it’s my story of being able to talk through of struggles I had probably when I was a younger, younger man, losing my father at a young age, to present day. And married and kids and that type of life. So it covers 42 years that have been one hell of a roller coaster. I think it makes for some good stories, whether that’s hanging out with the chic in Dubai, having saffron tea from Iraq to turning down half a billion dollar deals to all sorts of twists and turns. But I think the, the really biggest piece that I learned about myself and then writing this book, is to really kind of focus on what your dreams are and what your why is, right? Why are you doing, why are you getting up and doing whatever it is you’re doing, Career, relationship, family. And if you’re not inspired and you’re not excited and just really passionate about what you’re doing, probably doing it for the wrong reasons. So I think, please check this book out. November 8th, HIT stands. I’m so, so proud of it and really excited to hear what you think.